Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery, S.C.
Michael H. Rabin, MD, FACS
John Brayton, MD, FACS
P.O. Box 2044
Naperville, IL 60567
Fax 630.983.6331


We regret to inform you that Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery, S.C. will be closing its medical
practice after 44 years serving the medical field. The last business day will be August 31, 2017.
Michael H. Rabin, MD, FACS, will be retiring July 31, 2017. John Brayton, MD, FACS, will
provide medical care to Dr. Rabin's and his own patients until August 15, 2017. Dr. Brayton,
MD, FACS, may be leaving the area and will not be seeing patients after August 15, 2017. We
are referring our patients to neurosurgeons Michael Caron, MD, at (630) 527-7730 and Andrew
Chenelle, MD, at (630) 933-4056 for their medical care. For a fee of $25 you may pick up
copies of your medical records/CDs/films. Call (630) 983-7100 by August 4, 2017, to arrange for
pick up at Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery, S.C., located at 1551 Bond Street, Suite 143,
Naperville, IL 60563.

After August 11, 2017, medical records can only be obtained by signing up for MyChart. See
Instructions for MyChart.

Payments for outstanding balances should be mailed to Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery, S.C.,
P.O. Box 2044, Naperville, IL 60567.


  1. Click the following link (This will open MyChart in a new browser window.)
  2. MyChart

  3. On the page that opens, click "Sign Up Now"
  4. Fill in the required information. You do not need to fill in your medical record number. Once
    you click on "Submit" you will see the following message:
  5. "Request Submitted. Thank you - your request has been sent to the MyChart Help Desk. You will receive an
    activation code either via a telephone call or in the mail within a week."

  6. They will give you instructions as what to do next. If you have any questions or if you do not
    receive your activation code, call the MyChart Help Desk at (630) 933-2255.